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Each design is handcrafted individually by me in my home studio in Niwot Colorado (just outside of Boulder).  I use only the highest quality sterling silver, a variety of beautifully cut stones, semi-precious gems and genuine freshwater pearls. Custom orders are accepted. I take great pride in my work and if you have a problem with your jewelry purchase I am happy to assist you in a return or repair. At Little Wing Jewelry your satisfaction is guaranteed!

About the Artist - Jeanette McPherson

I'm a local artist, I've lived in the Colorado Front Range area for over 30 years. I began collecting antique jewelry many years ago and owned an antique shop in Niwot, Colorado (just outside Boulder). Much of the jewelry required restringing or repairing. I became adept at jewelry design out of necessity and my desire to turn someone else's trash in to another's treasure. I learned how to wire wrap and experimented with textured metal and most recently advanced silver smithing techniques and cold forging sterling silver. The thing that intrigues me the most when it comes to jewelry making is working with the endless variety of stones. When I'm designing a piece I look at the features of the individual stone; the color, shape, etc. and my focus is on how I may enhance it with a flattering setting not one that's distracting from the natural beauty of the stone. It's a very fascinating process; starting out with nothing more than a bit of silver and a stone and you can very well wind up with a work of art!  Making beautiful jewelry has become a fulfilling outlet for my creativity and Little Wing Jewelry provides me with a way to share this joy with others.

My Promise

I treat my customers at Little Wing Jewelry with the honesty and respect they deserve. I want you to feel the same pride when wearing my handcrafted artisan jewelry designs that I do in making them. 

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